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         The young lovers bobbed up toward the shimmering surface of the spring in a blissful trance, until they heard a small stone enter the crystal clear water nearby.  Wendy grunted, and they saw Clyde's undulating image above when they quickly looked up and ascended.  Jeremy shook his head in disbelief as the smiling man waved at them, and she felt good to splash water at him for invading their privacy.  Both greatly hoped that he would have the sense to know this time that they wished to be alone or would not stay with them for very long.

         "I finally found you two, but don't let me interfere.  I'm just going to do some exploring along the other side of this pool.  That water sure looks great," he said.

         "It's cold, Clyde, but we will warm it up enough by ourselves," Jeremy replied and looked at the sack he was carrying.  "I suppose you will be joining us then?"

         "Oh . . . no.  I just have some of my accessories in here, to collect biological samples with."

         Wendy laughed a little while treading water.  "And you just happened to find us so timely.  Right?"

         "It was just a chance coincidence coming upon you two.  Honest."

         "What are you collecting anyway?" Jeremy queried.

         "Oh, mainly leaves here, some flowers over there, and my other bigger things I find of importance.  Just . . . go on and do whatever you were doing.  I won't be in your way."

         They watched him move through the thick foliage and out of sight.  She put her arm around Jeremy next and more quietly remarked, "Your 'colorful Clyde' has struck again.  However did he find this place with us in it yet?"

         "I suppose it was only a matter of time, dear."

         "And you never had anything to do about it, hmm?" she said, while starting to grin and pushing him down.

         "Me?  Hell, no.  Honest!"

         Jeremy was not convincing enough however, and Wendy dunked him anyway.  Inhaling deep as his arms wrapped around her, she was also subsequently taken down but very gently and offered no resistance.  They held onto each others arms below the surface and descended together while watching their gleaming expelled bubbles of air rapidly rise from their smiling faces, hers squinting.  He felt more frustrated inside about Clyde's presence somewhere about, and if she would not be wearing a smooth rubber swim cap snug about her head, she would probably be tearing her hair out too.  They lacked the desire for the intimacy of their initial plunge now, as they maintained a feeling of being watched and not being alone anymore.  Their passionate love-making was adulterated to mere casual fun making.

         The Sun reached its highest point in the sky and cast its warm subtropical light down on them from near the zenith, but both swam together until they were shivering cold, using the limited privacy the water provided as best they could.  Their frolic grew old and less intimate in the presence of the new unknown variable, Clyde.  However, each time they surfaced, their unexpected intruder was nowhere in sight.  Wendy wondered if they were really alone during a warming break out of the water and craved more carnal intimacy.  Thus, she had to be sure and ordered Jeremy to look about some.

         After he returned to her through the dense greenery at the edge of the pool, he said, "Having a fun time, darling?"

         "Oh, yes!  Absolutely!  Even if I feel like a naked germ under a microscope," she replied.  Her face showed exaggeration accordingly.  

         "Lacking some things then?"  

         "For sure," she added, "like hugs, kisses, licks, and . . . you know what else," and next whispered while pointing in another direction, "Is he gone?"

         Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and put his arms out, to signal no sign of seeing him anymore.  After ten more seconds, he approached the edge of the water and said, "I've got an idea, Sweetheart.  I'll swim around the bend behind us to the opposite end of this pool to look for him, and you just look around here more.  If you do not hear anything or see him below with an underwater camera yet, you can join me definitely alone at last.  Agreed?"  

         "I couldn't have said it better myself.  You always save the best for last anyway, honey."

         Jeremy gave her a wink through his re-donned fogging goggles and swam past her after leaping into the water.  She watched him and shook her head teasing before doing likewise.  All she hoped to find was more privacy and solitude.  Swimming underwater toward the shallow side of the pool, she began her brief initial exploration and saw only some debris - fallen palm fronds, a few rocks, and an occasional flurry of small fish, no trace of Clyde.  After she reached the surface, to hear only nothing with water held in her ears by the swim cap, she felt more relaxed and adjusted a breast under her swimsuit, the start of more personal explorations in the liquid refreshment.  

         Jeremy swam into the wider deep end of the spring where it was being fed by the cold pure ground water.  It was still much more sheltered by untrimmed dense foliage and shaded by magnolia trees.  The bank of it was also much steeper, where it broke away and sunk long ago, and the margin of the water was flanked by blooming pink azalea shrubs most of the way around.  He knew then where the agreeable smell of flowers came from -- hidden undisturbed beauty.  Peering down into the water, he noticed that it had a much more blue color and felt as if floating in cold clear air rather than water.  He likewise did not see or hear any signs of Clyde, and while eagerly awaiting the return of his lovely aggressive spouse, he found a narrow fissure in the more shaded part of the bank filled with small rocks and rust-colored topsoil.  The feature looked quite recent and went down into the water, and he decided to investigate it while ablaze with curiosity.

         Jeremy swam down, and just a few feet below the quiet surface, the cold hit him like a gust of icy wind.  He saw the crack become much narrower and descended further, wondering where it started.  He pinched his nose shut and equalized the pressure in his ears and struggled onward.  Almost six meters down, he finally found an oval side opening of a submerged cave.  He knew of others in different locations of the karst terrain and knew well not to venture inside it, but THIS one was not here last week!  Upon moving cautiously closer before the dark orifice, he felt something soft and slimy just within it, before suddenly being surprised from behind.  "Wendy?" he thought at first.  

         A strong pair of larger hands swiftly stretched a translucent rubbery hood completely over and about his head, and he responded largely by reflex to try and get it off while uttering a loud contained grunt.  His clever opponent utilized the element of surprise very well.  The smooth sheath was tight and too slippery to remove with any ease, and smooth long tentacles wrapped around his legs fast after he kicked upward once.  He emitted another stifled short grunt, with his lips plastered and sealed by the snug membrane, and waved his arms up and down.

         Jeremy's resistance was answered by more tentacles, which wrapped around his chest and forearms, and he tried again in vain to try to pull at the hugging sheath.  Overpowered, his buoyancy was stolen, and he was forced into the new previously unknown cave, where he could detect a vaguely pulsating blue light and hear a sizzling noise through it while being drawn ahead.  His otherworldly opponent left a contrasting current to carry him toward the brightening light, and he soon had no strength to escape with legs heavy and numb.  He swiped uselessly at the bulbous now-skintight hood, shook his head, and lastly had concern for his gorgeous vulnerable wife in his mind before everything went black.  

Continued to Pt. 6.
         Wendy and Jeremy soon drove away from their too-quiet secluded place after dinner on Friday of the week and went north to Shawnee Springs almost twenty miles away.  They left their home under the trust and careful eye of a friend for the upcoming weekend, and when they turned onto the narrow state road, Wendy started reading through the morning newspaper.  With the car radio off, he only paid close attention to his driving through the above normal traffic and saw the trees and thick-green vegetation alongside the road move by in a blur.  Both were generally quiet, though their curiosities were tweaked by Clyde's earlier mentions of the intended location.

         The bright sunshine and favorable weather enhanced their positive outlook of the weekend plan and their time together again.  The memory of the strange event of Wednesday night was considered just more of a fluke of nature by now, something that could never repeat again.  As she browsed the paper when they were a few miles down the highway, Wendy was nevertheless reminded of the frightening occurrence upon seeing a conspicuous corner article with the heading "Woman Missing," and she brought it to his attention after reading it.  

         "Did you get a chance to read this, Jeremy?"

         "No," he said.  "I just glanced through the thing while trying to get the television to work this morning.  The darned thing hasn't been the same since that something or another went over our place a couple nights ago.  So, what?"

         "I don't think it's anything really big.  It says here that a woman named Cecilia Draeber is missing and presumed dead after authorities found her car under thirty feet of water yesterday afternoon.  The thing that caught me was the line that the windshield of it was found to have circular patterns of tiny holes through the driver's side of it.  For weird!" she explained.

         "Never heard of her.  What does she look like?"

         "Ugly.  One look would turn you to stone."

         Jeremy almost believed her, until the page bent down to reveal a deceptive grin on her face near the edge of his peripheral vision.  Then, he put his right hand on her knee and slowly slid it up toward her pelvis.  When she reflexively squirmed away, the opposite page with the woman's picture was jerked up much higher to allow him to conveniently get his good look.  "Thanks, darling." he teased.  

         "I was waiting to see how you'd get your way," she replied with some sarcasm.

         "I like it when a plan comes together.  Maybe, I'll get lucky and be the one who even finds her yet."  

         Wendy put the paper down and gave him a hard poke in the side that caused him to swerve the car a little.  Afterward, they relaxed more individually, enjoying the passing scenery before arriving at their destination about fifteen minutes later.  After paying a small entry fee at the gate of the resort area and driving inside it, they carefully surveyed the place.  There appeared to be just minimal damage to the exterior of the impressive lodge and other built-in recreational facilities, and the grounds were cleared of leaves and debris.  It did not look as bad as Clyde ad said, but the foliage in the trees and shrubbery was noticeably thinner and much less attractive than prior to the storm.  New shingles had been put on the roof of the outdoor diner structure, with a ladder still setting beside it.  The personnel had done an excellent job of restoring the place fast for the public and obvious economic reasons, including for them.

         Both of them hoped that the resort would not be very crowded, and much to their liking, the scarce number of vehicles on the main parking lot indicated as such.  They expected much more people in the evening and in the following day, but they surely intended to enjoy the temporary vacancy and additional privacy all about for now.  They parked their sporty dark-blue car and decided to wander about the location first before checking into a guestroom to find out how easily they could do that.  Thus, they took only the bare "essentials" in their athletic bags and went in toward the spring itself and her special area, passing through the large jade-green lodge first.

         Being made principally of steel-reinforced concrete and imported stone, the big two-story building was naturally cool inside.  On the ground floor below the visitor's rooms was a bar and cafe with ornate arched windows along the wall in one section and an open concessions / souvenir shop another, with a small new room to the side with digital and other visual recreational games included.  A rather large but short hall divided the sections and led to the spacious pool outside that was surrounded by elegant dining tables and elevated beds of various flowering plants.  Two metal stairways led up to the rooms marked by large red painted wooden doors.  Much also retained its original 1930's style.

         They walked across the red brick floor and passed an older woman inspecting some small gift items by a stand, and when both got to the rear doors, the manager encountered them on the way out.  She was 50-ish, tall, with graying uplifted hair, and very friendly.  She wore long pants and a light magenta long-sleeved shirt, plus neat square glasses, some ruddy make-up, and a pink broach.  She greeted them with a smile and said, "Well, hello again!  How are you doing after that nasty storm?"

         Her voice had a warm magnetic quality to it, and Jeremy replied, "Very good, Marie.  That clam chowder and seafood that's cooked here is memorable and keeps me coming back.  It has to be the best in the whole state."

         "Why, thank you!  Are you going to stay for the weekend?"

         "I certainly hope so.  I even brought along my beautiful water-loving spouse for the occasion.  Isn't she a cute-looking subject?" he replied, and held his hands out to present her.

         "I'll take care of him later," Wendy commented.  "He has just got a one-tracked mind at times."  

         Marie giggled and further complemented, "Oh, I can see why too."

         "Have you seen Clyde anywhere?  He said this place was made a shambles by the storm, and we thought that we'd look around first for ourselves before making a commitment to stay."

         "Oh good heavens, no!  This place can take quite a beating but got lucky when hurricane Camille passed nearby back in '65.  Clyde's outside drifting about the place somewhere for sure, but as you can see, it's not as bad as he told you.  A close bolt of lightning struck in one of the springs and frightened me enough though, but we were pretty well prepared for a lot of wind.  I can't understand why he seems to want so many people not to enjoy themselves around here.  Hmm, so pessimistic."  

         "I know, exaggerating the bad too," Wendy replied.  "We thought this place was flooded out by the way he sounded.  How odd."  

         Marie put a hand to her chest and started laughing.  "I'll say.  He was all nervous or excited then.  I'll just bet he thought windows were breaking when one of our startled cooks dropped a tray of glass cups then.  That first strong gust blew one of the front doors open, but that wasn't anything big.  At least, nobody here was hurt."

         "You mean he was actually here then?"

         "He's always around here, Jeremy, especially more recently.  He really doesn't bother anyone and often acts like a guide by telling people where it is safest to explore first.  Looks helpful enough anyway."

         "Well, we don't need his help in having a good time.  Won't we, honey?"

         Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and looked unsure before all of them burst into laughter shortly.  Both of them departed through the entryway, walked outside along a wooden walkway, noticed the ornate circular fountain nearby, and made their way to a beach.  The water was high, to make it narrow, but cold and exceptionally clear; they hoped that their special place was still not flooded or closed anyway.  Few people were in it, and most were just sunbathing on towels on the thick soft grass along a fence amidst a soft breeze.  If the weather and water were unfavorable to enjoy by anybody for long, there was always the notoriously good food, scenery, and soothing tranquility.  Nothing ever was totally disagreeable in the vast resort.  At times, it was a natural heaven on Earth, a haven for a variety of even finicky people to savor.

         Jeremy and Wendy walked along the narrow long beach until it ended and then disappeared inconspicuously into the native deep woods.  They followed a subsequent footpath, hoping to be alone for awhile, and moved through the old branching oak trees quietly.  After several minutes of careful strolling, they found their desired spot.  Parting the foliage and walking down a gentle slope between more pine, oak, and cypress trees laced with blooming wysteria vines, they soon came upon a long isolated and sheltered pool bordered by large ferns.  Spanish moss hung from the numerous extensive branches, and the pleasant scent of flowers was distinct in the air.  The secluded area appeared to be like an ancient undiscovered sinkhole but was much more.

         The breeze blew stronger though the trees over them, and after he revealed his appropriate clothing and emerged from thick foliage, she was already down by the still natural pool, standing on a ledge of exposed limestone in her typical attire, and waiting.  She looked up, adjusted her thick glasses, and remarked, "My superior female instincts have been calling out for you, my love.  What took you so long?"

         He laughed a bit and stumbled on his way to her, almost falling, which caused her to giggle then.  "You see?  I'm all flustered and practically fell for you.  Who knows what will happen next?"  

         "I do," she replied, before promptly jumping out of his reach and over the edge of the outcropping.  

         When Jeremy reached the location where she was standing and peered down, he saw her smiling up at him while sinking down toward a lower submerged shelf of the rock and through a disappearing froth of silvery bubbles.  She continued to hold her breath after it was almost entirely expelled, and he put on goggles and joined her after seeing her signal to him to do so.  Even before the bubbles from his plunge cleared around him, he felt hands gently hold the sides of his face and sensuous warm lips press tight against his.  He went along with her invitation, instinctively delivering a passionate embrace and nuzzling up against the smooth tender skin of her neck affectionately.  This was what both liked best now, in the prime years of their lives: trust no matter what and where.

Continued to Pt. 5.    
         In the early night after their brief meeting with Clyde, Wendy could hardly wait to get into "her" refreshing swimming pool that she had cleaned and considered ready for romance.  Having worked most of the day about the yard, she yearned for relaxation and enjoyment.  Jeremy was eagerly waiting for her, sitting on the edge of the shallow end with his legs in the shimmering blue water, and when she approached the opposite end and also sat down, both smiled in approval at each other's appearance.  Wearing nothing but swim trunks made him look more slender and masculine to her, with every feature of his sinewy muscles visible.  He thus only seemed like a cardboard poster model, even when dressed in professional attire; the naked truth was very appealing before her.  

         Wendy was also very attractive to any man, but having married within the past three years, she was ostentatious about her beauty just to him but dressed for the occasion.  Instead of letting her shoulder-length hair hang loose, she wore a shiny skintight rubber swim cap on her head of the same color, lavender, as the one-piece swimsuit that molded to her shapely body.  The expression on his face convinced her that she had chosen the sporty attire well.

         Jeremy put on his goggles and watched her take a deep breath before quietly entering the water.  He did the same, and both of them swam underwater to join each other in the middle of the rectangular body of water.  He could clearly see her eyes squinting at him from behind the large oval lenses of her glasses, and she smiled warmly when her came up close and took her arms.  She further emitted a pleasing bubbly grunt as he tugged her against him, where he delivered a long heart-throbbing kiss amidst the surrounding weightlessness.  Seconds later, they let themselves bob upward to the surface while mutually gazing amorously at each other.

         They swam to the side of the pool after replenishing their air, and he continued to admire her closely.  "You look so cute with those goggles on," she acknowledged.

         "So, do you with those on too, baldy," he replied, almost laughing.  "You think that I'm as clear to you without goggles?"

         "Oh, pretty well, dear," she said.  "Especially from within three feet or so.  A few natural imperfections are better in different places."  

         "The swim cap isn't natural.  Nice floral pattern though."  

         "I know that, silly!  I don't want to cut my hair for just this purpose, knowing how you prefer it long.  Sooooo?"  

         "I like the framed eyes and smile much better anyway," he commented.  "Glad you model underwater just for me.  Clyde would be intrigued."  

         "No way!" she quickly replied.  "He's weird and talks strange.  Did you notice how he called me 'the female' today?"

         "Sure, like you're some kind of specimen."  

         "What do you think, honey?" she challenged.

         "Very special and unique.  Gorgeous and bubbly underwater for sure too.  Good enough?"  

         "Good enough, this time."  

         "Clyde would pelt you with as many adjectives too."

         "Maybe," she said and turned into him to whisper, "but I'll never figure him out.  He acts schizophrenic sometimes."

         "That's why many people who have encountered him give him the nickname of 'colorful Clyde.'  He has many mechanical talents too.  Be darned if I could know where he got his education from."  

         "If it was up to me, I'd call him kinky Clyde, something of a sort manufactured.  Could you figure out why he comes to tell us that Shawnee Springs will be open this weekend, despite the storm damage, and then acts like he doesn't want us to go?  You know, the cold water and the ways he looked."  

         "I saw that, but he's acted that way three or four times before to us.  Other than being nosy, I believe he means good."

         "But my feminine intuition tells me that he means well for some kind of mysterious purpose, creepy at times."

         "Explain." he retorted and looked at her more seriously, with interest.

         "He gives me the feeling of always being watched, like he'd come out of the trees over there and in a put on way say, 'hope I'm not intruding.  Just saw both of you underwater there and thought you would need help at something.'  You know?  It's like he's in everybody's business superficially, especially if they are new to the area and visit Shawnee Springs often -- like me."

         "Did he ever threaten or bother you there?"

         "N-no, but during the tourist season, he's always managing people there, telling them where and where not to go as an 'expert.'  He doesn't own the place."

         "He could be just more of an outgoing people person compared to us, Wendy.  From what I know, he has not been around here a long time either."

         "I . . . don't know.  That 'sixth sense' tells me he's either hiding something or there's more to himself than we think.  His emotions seem so put on.  What do you think?  Feel like a lab rat?"

         Jeremy returned a sly smile at her and replied, "Hardly.  I think that you better take a deep breath of air and hold it."  

         "Why?  Oh, no!  Jeremy!"

         He quickly put his large hand onto her smooth head firm and pushed her down.  She barely had enough time to suck in a breath of air, and her hand slipped from the wet edge of the smooth cement pool border, to leave her in his power for an effective dunking.  He watched her exhale much of her air below the surface while squinting up at him.  With less buoyancy and more coordination, she also surprised him by quickly taking his forearms and pulling him down.  Then, their blissful escapade continued on, fantasies fulfilled.

         Wendy saw the blurred image of his handsome square-shaped face smiling at her and started tickling him abruptly along the sides of his unsteady form.  He grunted loud in return and squirmed away while exhaling forcefully, until he had to ascend again.  At the surface, he swiftly readied himself for more of her playful antics, but there was none.  She emerged into view next, giggled, and said, "Pretty ticklish, honey?"

         "You minx!  You're in a feisty mood tonight, aren't you?"

         Wendy giggled more and further enticed him.  "Well?  What are you going to do about it?  Your rope, tape, and plastic wrap are in the house now.  Too bad."  

         "That stuff will come later, sweetheart, but this will come right now," he said with confidence, and raised his hands while wiggling his fingers.  He knew well how sensitive she was in the water.

         Jeremy quickly disappeared below the surface and listened to her emit a short jovial scream when he took a hold of her bobbing curvaceous body on each side and pulled it down into his arms.  In the illumination of the underwater pool light nearby, he saw her beautiful face showing eager anxiety of his impending intimate actions.  She closed her eyes behind the big nerdy glasses as he drew her close and uttered an audible pleasurable moan as his caressing hands slowly moved down her lovely form to stimulate its most delicate sensitive parts.  While they did, she tilted her head back, tightened her embrace, and brought her tingling long legs up against his to indicate an intense desire for more.  He delivered, and their minds became aloof with sheer ecstasy.

         Amidst their blazing passion, he watched her gleaming bubbles rapidly emerge from her nose as she slowly, steadily exhaled and felt himself sink ever deeper beneath the surface in equal love with her.  Near the smooth bottom of the pool, she opened her eyes halfway and rounded her soft lips at him.  He understood well and pressed his lips firm against hers, while feeling her heart wildly pounding against his chest.  Afterward, she maintained a squinting gaze and lip-synched the words "I love you."  He held the sides of her pretty face for a few more seconds in admiration, and just as he was about to give her a generous physical reply, everything all about went black.

         Both of them noisily exhaled their remaining air in surprise and quickly kicked back up to the surface.  They treaded water and as he stripped off his goggles, she loudly asked, "What happened, honey?"

         "Don't know," he replied and shook his head in disgust, no longer aroused.

         His voice sounded faint and distorted a little through the snug swim cap, and after moving to the side again and getting out of the pool, she also saw the lights in the house out.  Only when they were drying themselves with towels did they notice the terrifying extent of the anomaly.  Everything was also absolutely quiet, as if something sound-absorbing was in the night air.  Furthermore, nothing about except them appeared to be moving: no trees, birds, insects, or other things.  The sudden eerie circumstances frightened her more.  

         Wendy approached and put an arm around him before the now-dark "inkwell."  He was peering up at the very starry sky through the nearby towering pines, and she whispered, "What do you see?"

         "Shht!  Listen!"

         Both of them heard a very faint sizzling sound behind the canopy after she removed her latex cap.  When they turned about, the stars themselves disappeared, and she stifled a scream.  The distant reliable beacons of light that gave the night its familiarity were gone!  He trembled violently as his eyes widened, and she finally breathed, "What did that?"

         His head jerked.  "Hell if I know, and I don't want to find out."


         The atmosphere of relaxation and passion had turned to one of dreadful fear, and they remained froze in their steps, not knowing what to do or what would occur next.  He held her hand tighter and whispered, "I'm here, Wendy."

         The sizzling noise became louder, resembling a distant swarm of bees, and after another half a minute, a crackling that passed by them overhead above the trees.  He dropped to his knees, as she wrapped both of her arms tight around him, and screamed his name again -- much louder.  A strong gust of wind promptly blew hard through the area and against them shortly.  They turned away from it, peering down at the cement to shield their faces and protect themselves from any possible flying debris.  However, it diminished as fast as it arrived, and only when it was completely quiet again did the lights in the pool, the house, and even sky come back on.  Then, both of them breathed a big sigh of relief and nevertheless fled into their home with much haste.  

Continued to Pt. 4.  

         The storm above worsened and intensified, growing larger in size.  From their living room window, Wendy and Jeremy Sharlock watched it close in over them.  It closed in over them as a low shelf cloud with ferocious winds.  The rain came down in heavy sheets for almost an hour, and even the tall protective pine trees indigenous to the area all around their brick home groaned and swayed throughout its entire duration.  When one of them nearby cracked loudly outside and crashed onto the saturated ground, she let out a spontaneous scream in his arms.  He also breathed an audible sigh of relief and walked away from the window with her then.  They were nearly a hundred miles away from where Cecilia disappeared; he could not remember a storm of greater magnitude in recent years.

         The power went out shortly after the hostile weather began, and just when they thought it would end, a tremendous bolt of lightning seemed to open the clouds again -- more than before.  Just afterward, the loud boom of thunder shattered two windows and made the sturdy house shudder, and the young couple embraced each other tighter.  Both of them hoped a tornado would not descend from the threatening sky above.  When they lived on the open plains, they could see such an event from a considerable distance and know with certainty when and if to take cover, but in the realm of the temperate forest now, their visibility was considerably limited.  Like Cecilia however, both would be more personally affected by a more dangerous element and chain of deadly events beyond anything else they have ever experienced in their entire lives.  

         It was only the next morning when they saw how furious the storm had been.  Below the chattering birds in the tall trees were numerous branches of various sizes on the ground, a litter of pine cones, and a thin veritable mat of green needles.  The damp but cooler air was also noticeably scented by the resin of the damaged trees, and it was very apparent that they would have to begin their vacation from work cleaning up the yard and exterior of the house.  They felt fortunate that no major structural damage to the house occurred.  

         Even prior to their marriage, Jeremy and Wendy worked together well as a team, striving in their occupations, sacrificing for each other, and arduously enjoying their time together, to live with some happiness each day of their lives.  His job as a lab scientist for a major corporation provided the analytical experience and intellect in their mutual relationship, and hers as a physical education instructor applied the strength, confidence, and spirit of it as often.  Brains and physical strength and stamina thus made for an ideal combination of advantages for them to challenge the adversities of life.

         For most of the day, they worked about the place, with Jeremy doing more cleaning on the house, roof, and front yard, while Wendy did as such with the back yard, fence, and patio, including "her" swimming pool.  She used it extensively to keep her shapely body in prime physical condition and to frequently conduct more fulfilling playful escapades with her mate.  He used it to also escape the often oppressive humidity of the area much of the year.  As they finally carried the last of the plastic sacs full of debris to the roadside for later pick-up late in the afternoon, one of Jeremy's new friends stopped to talk briefly with them.  He was also hauling branches away to a distant dump site.  

         The similarly-aged man was driving an older reddish pickup truck, and its brakes squeaked a little when it stopped beside Jeremy.  She had just put down the last and heaviest bag to draw his first remark.  "Well now!  I see that the storm has made the female an impressive yard keeper.  She's looking good, as always."  

         "Yeah, Clyde.  I had to give her something to work on and -- "

         Wendy slapped his arm sharply with the back of her gloved hand.  He occasionally teased her by introducing or commenting to other people about her characteristics in a flirtatious manner, but only at first.  Then, he would socialize normally with her and the other party.  Thus, he had received many other such slaps during previous similar instances of his fun verbal incongruities, but he liked the attention he delivered sent back to him.  Mutual connectivity.

         "Whatever," he added, to correct himself and raised his eyebrows at her.  "How did you you fare through all the mayhem last night?"  

         Wendy spoke first in her typical high-pitched voice quickly, not allowing Jeremy to test his creativity about her again.  "By the looks of it, a bit better than you did."  

         "My rain gauge showed just over four inches, and my hair is naturally curly, woman."  

         "We heard a tree blow down and were startled by a nearby lightning strike, though we didn't have the time today to look what exactly happened and where," Jeremy commented more seriously.

         "Hell, that thunderboomer wasn't at all close to here.  The radio said it hit worse up in Shawnee Springs.  What a monster."  

         "What do you mean?  It sounded like it was just outside our home and even broke a couple windows."  

         "It did more than that up there and shook the ground afterward like an earthquake shortly, blew in doors from the shock wave, vaporized a huge tree, and other weird stuff.  People were scared out of their wits.  It really had their ears ringing."  

         "Even ours for awhile too," Wendy added.

         "The area should be open completely again by the weekend.  I know it's one of your favorite places to go, and I didn't want to bring you further bad news."  

         "We'll be there Friday afternoon.  Why don't you join us?"

         "That's the day after tomorrow, you know?" she said fast, to tease him again.

         He nodded affirmatively while smiling.  "I do believe you are right.  I'll see you two then, but be warned: the water temperature will probably be much colder than normal with all the rain we just received.  It won't be any fun."  

         Wendy raised her arms and wrapped them around her husband firmly.  "I've got all I need to take care of THAT problem."  

         Jeremy looked at Clyde and shrugged his shoulders.  "I don't believe I'll ever be able to keep her out of any kind of water for long."  

         "Your female is very persistent, but I doubt if they will have her special little place all cleared of debris when you get there.  That storm left quite a mess."

         "We'll see."  

         "I'm sure we will," he said and drove off again.  His face showed both a little uneasiness and disappointment, to leave both of them perplexed and curious.  

Continued to Pt. 3.  


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         Cecilia Draeber drove her car rapidly down the wet highway while fighting without success to clear her head of mixed emotions.  Rejection was a very difficult thing to accept, and after the past incident and many before, she had absolutely enough of it.  Her excellent work never seemed to get the credit it deserved, and her subsequent difficult job hunt was like being in some degrading type of fiasco, as if she was some kind of inept worthless clown.  To top it all off now, she had just caught her ultimate and most promising boyfriend in a jacuzzi at his place with some other more playful and richer hussy.  The sight of the surprise encounter and the short fiery argument that ensued afterward to sever the relationship still echoed loudly in her mind like thunder and flashes of lightning all around.

         The angry woman accelerated and sped down the lonely highway further into the night.  She thought of all the good times they had together the past six months, and with tears streaming from her large eyes, she wondered what went wrong and felt more betrayed.  Even in her mid-thirties, she had the body and legs of a fashion model, an oval face of a bewitching doll framed by shoulder-length dark hair, an ample bust, and sexual talents much better than his new meagerly younger younger plaything.  So, she shook her head again some and reasoned out loud, "It has to be money.  That's it, Baby.  Lose your precious job and next goes your partner."

         She went through a curve in the road, corrected a slight skid, and further said, "Fuck, you could have told me anyway, you bastard.  I dress like a classy madam, and you made me feel so damned cheap!"

         She had lived a long and slow six months since being "politely" laid off, and the fast-paced world was rapidly leaving her behind with its "high" expectations, to frighten and confuse her more often.  She felt like she was rapidly being swept away into a cruel downward whirlpool of despair and anonymity and decided to talk with a remaining friend later to get to the bottom of the whole affair.  Life does not stop at thirty-something or when unemployed, and she intended to turn it around and get it moving in the right direction, if she could.  However, another recollection of the blond-haired hussy giving her a disgusting sly smile and wink over his shoulder finally made her boil, and she stepped firmly on the brakes to stop the vehicle and calm down, unaware that she was already hydroplaning some over the asphalt at nearly sixty miles per hour.

         The car swerved into the driving rain and went out of control in a long semicircle, sliding as if on a sheet of melting ice.  She inhaled loud in surprise, raised her foot to decelerate, and was unable to do anything suddenly.  Completely helpless and without thinking more, Cecilia reflexively pushed down on the accelerator next -- too much.  The back of the car fishtailed, grabbed the pavement, and slammed into the guardrails along the side of the two-lane highway.  Then, it went ahead fast and quickly went over the edge of the roadway.  She felt her breath being squeezed out of her, as the force of the impact sent her body forward against the straining seat belts, and thought she would die while the vehicle moved down through the air.  She did not perish though, and the car landed on water front-first nearly flat on its heavy metal belly.  The unexpected incident took only seconds to occur.  

         Stunned, Cecilia heard bubbling and gurgling sounds around her as the car slowly sank below the surface of the water.  Adrenalin shot through her veins again, and panic flooded into her mind when she felt the cold water cover her ankles and rise quickly up her lovely legs.  It eagerly rushed in the vents and through every other small opening it could.  While continuing to go down into the inky blackness deeper, she became ever more scared, like a trapped feline, and repeatedly turned her head back and forth and looked all about.  "Oh, my God!  I'm gonna drown!  It can't end like this," she whined.  

         Only when the water was over the top of the dashboard and nearly covering her shoulders did she get her brain to issue forth a small bit of logic amidst the rising tide of fear and doom.  She fumbled about, reaching for the seat belt release with her hands trembling, but by the time she freed herself from its hold, the air pocket was gone; she had taken her last breath just seconds prior.  She rose off the seat, and her beautiful body went up and forward shortly against the windshield and remained confined.  

         The gorgeous trapped woman was in a different world now.  Everything was so dark, silent, and cold.  She could even hear the rapid pulse of blood rushing through the arteries in her head and briefly beat her fists against the strong barrier before her.  When the car finally settled on the rocky bottom of the stream suddenly, the front of her head bumped against the glass sharply, and she expelled a burst of bubbles through her nose with a loud grunt.  

         Feeling her lungs ache as her diaphragm squeezed up against them more, she frantically felt for the door handle and desperately tried to make it work.  It did, but when she forced her diminished weight against the heavy door, it would not open.  More efforts just made it rattle in dull thumps, and she knew then that something on the outside was keeping it closed.  She floated back in front of the windshield again, listening to more air bubble out of her nose with a "glip-glip-glip" sound, and felt her swirling dark hair brush lightly across her smooth cheeks.  Straining to hold her remaining breath as long as possible, she tried more to keep calm, but with only very limited success.  Her legs felt heavy and twitched, to release the remaining air trapped beneath her long evening dress, and she thought, "This is horrible.  So weak."

         Instead of succumbing to the perilous conditions, Cecilia was taken by surprise by a humming sound and peered wide-eyed through the glass.  A brightening shimmering light approached.  As it moved closer, there was also a faint sizzling noise which fast evolved into a crackling, but she much needed air and help.  "Good God, just in time!" she thought and pressed her open hands against the windshield.

         The light glittered bright and hovered just a few feet away.  Then, another short bubbly grunt seemed to get its attention at last.  

         Cecilia moved her face right up to the invisible rigid barrier and squinted through the water to try and see more detail.  After more tense seconds, she shook her head and wondered why her would-be rescuers were not doing anything to save her from the deadly circumstances.  Her throat suddenly spasmed next, and when she opened her mouth wide, the last of her air bubbled out of it with a brief high-pitched scream.  She could only observe in helplessness as the blurry gleaming bubbles rapidly rose before the front of her hysterical face and out of sight, only to be replaced by an equal volume of suffocating water.  Before she gasped to inhale it and drown though, a small part of the light detached from the larger primary portion and shot at her in the next second.  It went through the windshield to strike effectively.  Her exquisite form was enveloped in a deep-blue aura, and her skin tingled all over.  Unable to move a muscle, or even breathe, she watched everything about fade away while being consumed by the mysterious glow.  Afterward, the two shimmering lights merged and promptly disappeared, to leave only silence and darkness.  

Continued to Pt. 2.        

Ah, 1200 deviations at last reached in the heat of summer.  Up next, time and circumstances permitting, is my tenth long story "Permanent Residents."  I hope it's not as difficult to edit / "polish" as "The Ambulite Lure" was, as it was written all at once in 1989.  However, it is over a notebook long, and maybe, I'll just do a bit of colorizing / drawing first.  It seems these days so much to do and so little time.  So, I prioritize what has to be done for each day.  Two more line arts have been completed anyway -- a fan art and another titled "Lethal Push."  I feel with now 200 deviations beyond fulfillment, I can (I think) take my time.  I just hope this old machine keeps working here.  Yes, there IS an eleventh long story, all sci-fi that I wrote in the summer of 1980, but I don't know if it is adequate DA material, written in the time of "Star Wars" and "Battlestar Galactica."  However, there is a fine chain of ideas in it.  Right now, gardening is in progress again (after losing 8 kittens), and I am always weary of severe summer storms.  I hope never to be surprised by one, given the irregular sleeping schedule I have (a torment).  So, at my age, I just do things that DON"T require a schedule.  Art is one of them.  Any evolution in photography to what I uploaded in here would be to have some sort of model shoot, using a few props, and my special effect filters.  Drawings are just what they are, and many of you know what I like by now.  With 100,000 page views soon to come, I additionally thank my like-minded fans here for the support.  Oh, but how to get a Flag Counter yet???  Till later ---  
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